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Hi, I’m Tania!

The primary face of TanChi Consulting. I spend most of my time working on WordPress Blogs and marketing affiliate products that I am passionate about. I also specialize in working with local businesses, helping them grow & scale using my connections with the media.
You can find me on :  markethivefacebookinstagram

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Tania, of TanChi Consulting is an internet entrepreneur with a background in SEO, digital marketing, and web development.

In 1999 she got the entrepreneural bug and signed up with the multi-level marketing company Amway. After exhausting her friends and family “lists” to join her in business or to try the products, she moved on to other companies.

In 2008 she entered the online arena doing affiliate & network marketing with a web platform then known as Veretekk. She used that platform to promote her TriVita business.

Over the years of going in and out of various business models, she gained insight and knowledge of what works and what does not work in marketing and have had to reinvent herself many times in the process.

She is now using what she has learnt throughout the years to help others with their marketing efforts and it will not cost an arm or a leg either!

Get in touch if she can be of assistance to you!


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